What Is Mayday?

A Cloud Based Emergency Service

Wearable tags with dynamic QR codes, programmable by you

Mayday enables instant access to critical medical, insurance and contact information in case of emergency. No special log-in required, accessible from any mobile device. Local language support.

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Its Not just for emergencies!

Access Documents Anywhere

Back up everything you need to and access on the go

Insurance details, vaccination certificates, boarding passes, hotel reservations, health cards, QR codes of all kinds. Lost your phone? Card stolen, need to cancel? No problem, keep documents and contacts secure in your online vault, accessible using a pin number from dynamic QR codes.

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The shareable, wearable QR tag for travellers

Mayday Is Here!

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Mayday FAQs

Signing up for Mayday is simple and free - just create an account! As soon as you have created your profile, you can populate it with your data and documents, set access permissions, and print off a QR code, which you can use any way you like. However, if you would like one of our tags and wristbands, you can purchase them in the Mayday shop.

Edit and upload rights last one month with no product purchase, and 12 months with the purchase of a tag or wristband.

Absolutely. We do not share your data with anyone else, and we only have access ourselves to a limited amount of contact data you supply us with (for example name, email address, date of birth and nationality) - all the rest is protected in a secure database. However, you have control over which information about yourself you would like to share: for example, which information you want to make publicly accessible via your QR code, in case of emergency; which information you would like to protect behind a pin number (for quick access on the go, which can also be shared with people you give it to); and which information you want to remain private, and only accessible through your full account login.

Yes, you can print as many virtual QR codes as you need, and you can order as many physical QR tags as you want. All QR codes give access to the same information, according to the permissions you have set up on your account.

  • Your phone is stolen in Vietnam, and with it your ability to access your banking app. Retrieving your stored customer number via Mayday enables you to get your banking app working again on a new phone. Luckily you had also backed up all your travel documents, as well as a list of restaurant recommendations, against your itinerary logged in Mayday, so you were up and running again very quickly.
  • Your flat is broken into while you are away, and your best friend is alerted by neighbours. Your friend is a nominated emergency contact on Mayday and so is able to quickly access your home service contacts via her shared access to Mayday, ensuring a local locksmith can be on site within six hours and your home insurance company notified of the break in on your behalf.
  • You run a gap year project in Tanzania, and you decide to supply all your volunteers with Mayday tags. Unknown to you, one of the volunteers becomes very ill in the middle of the night and has to be taken to hospital by a colleague. The hospital needs to know whether the volunteer has any serious allergies, what her blood group is, and if she has any particular medical needs. Unable to contact your office because it is out of hours, the colleague is able to tell them right away by scanning the volunteer’s Mayday tag.
  • You go to pick up a parcel from a post office in Mexico City, and discover they need a scan of your passport to release it. Unfortunately your passport is still being processed by the hotel reception staff back in the hotel, but you are able to access a scan of it via Mayday.
  • You are concerned that you have not heard from your son, who is travelling in Thailand, for three days, and he is not answering whatsapp. Using your shared login for Mayday, you are able to pinpoint when he last logged in to it, as well as which hotel he will be staying at that evening, so leave a message with reception to ask him to message you. You are reassured to be told that he has checked in safely.
  • Your wallet is stolen in Paris, with five credit cards in it. You know how important it is to cancel them right away. You can quickly access all the credit card details and lost and stolen helpline numbers via your back-up document stored on Mayday, so they are all cancelled within an hour.
  • You have mislaid the confirmation email for the hotel you are due to stay in, and they need it to trace your booking when you arrive. For some reason you can’t find it in your emails, but remember that you have already logged it against your itinerary in Mayday. Bingo! - A quick scan of the QR code prompts you to enter your pin number to find the itinerary, where all your documentation is stored.
  • Your daughter falls ill while on a bus trip in Columbia, and the bus driver calls an ambulance. The ambulance driver needs to confirm whether she has health insurance, to decide whether to take her to the private or public hospital. Quickly they confirm that she has by scanning her QR code, where all her travel insurance details are stored, and she is taken to get the best treatment in the city.
  • You want the minimum hassle at the airport, so in advance you organise all your boarding and health passes for your upcoming trip in the flagged files section of your Mayday dashboard. Checking in is a breeze, with everything to hand for scanning.