Getting started with Mayday

Getting started with Mayday

After you have registered your account, you can get started using Mayday right away by printing off a virtual QR code under My Mayday. However, we recommend you purchase a physical tag/wristband combination to give you maximum flexibility, as well extended edit and upload rights.

Then follow these steps to load data onto your QR code:

1. Complete your profile section

Add an emergency or next of kin contact, and any relevant medical details. You can also upload images of vaccination certificates directly from your phone in the medical section.

2. Add documents to the Vault section (optional)

Back up any key documents, or notes of account numbers, passport and credit card numbers by uploading images or scans in the Documents section.

IMPORTANT: If you add passwords or usernames to a note, make sure these are encrypted.These can be useful, for example, if your phone gets stolen.

3. Set your pin number

Under My Mayday / Mayday Status, set your Pin number.

4. Set your sharing permissions

Go to My Mayday / Sharing settings and set which of your data and documents you want to be publicly accessible via your QR code (i.e. can be viewed by anyone who scans your QR code, such as emergency services), and which you want to be pin protected (i.e. only accessible after scanning the QR code by entering your pin number).

Now you are all set!

To check what is visible on your QR code, either scan it yourself, or go to the HOME section and scroll down to view ‘What Your Mayday Looks like’. Click on the link below the QR code to check you are happy with the permissions you have set up.


You are free to order as many tags or wristbands as you want, or print off multiple copies of your virtual QR codes. One reason you might do this is to lodge a QR code with a trusted contact, alongside your PIN number, so that they can access important documents or data on your behalf.

When you open an account, you will have one month to load and edit data and documents. After that, your virtual QR code will still be readable, but you will no longer be able to edit or add further data. You can also delete your account and data at any time under Manage Your Account / Subscriptions.

However, if you buy a tag/wristband, edit and upload rights will be available for one year, which can be extended by buying a new tag/wristband and activating a new QR code.

For any questions, please email