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We offer a 30 day free trial to Mayday Plus, after which your account will revert to a FREE basic account unless upgraded. Remember that any documents you load or trips you log during your free trial period will become read only when your free trial ends, unless you upgrade to Mayday Plus.

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Emergency contacts read only
Medical needs read only
Virtual QR codes
QR tag £4.85
Trip planner
Travel Wallet with PIN
Document storage
Free £24 per year

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Mayday Plus

12 Month Subscription and FREE Metal Tag

£24 a Year
(payable annually)

Get full access to Mayday and we will send you a free tag with your unique QR code. Travel with confidence and have the full Mayday experience.

Mayday the cloud based emergancy service

Having Mayday at my fingertips really helped me when I was planning my trip around India, I also had the confidence to travel alone knowing that all my medical details are easily accessible if an emergency arose

Jonny Duffin - Travel Blogger

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If you are on a FREE account, or on a Mayday Plus account and need additional tags, you can order physical QR tags here. These are lightweight, wearable tags made of stainless steel or aluminium. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery in the UK, and up to 14 days for international destinations.